This week showed me how wonderful the school year will be- I got to meet so many amazing students who are capable of great things.  Here is a list of the accomplishments we get to brag about already:
  • We learned about ELA class, my procedures and expectations.
  • Students completed a writing piece that will help me get to know where you're starting as writers.
  • Everyone was introduced to three new technological resources:  dropbox, edmodo, and google drive- their usernames and passwords were created and recorded.
  • We passed out ELA materials and initiated our writer's notebook with a piece of "I" writing, where students introduce themselves.     

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    Mrs. VanRiper:

    also loves to write!  I believe that every person has stories and ideas that are worth reading about, and my goal is to give my students the space to write about what interests them.  Hopefully, this year will help students discover a love for writing themselves!


    September 2013